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Where wishes come true, history comes alive, & adventures begin!

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My clients receive 


Personalized Service

The vacations I plan for clients are highly collaborative. No two travelers are the same (even within your own family!) which means no two itineraries are the same. I get to know my clients on a personal level to find out what really matters to them. We dive in to the “why” behind the vacation, and I get to work making sure you are matched with the right experience for you. Time away from the every day allows us to focus on what is important, gives us time to heal, and creates memories that will last a lifetime for all involved. Be open to new adventures.


Peace of Mind

Your vacations are the manifestation of two very important parts of your life: your leisure time and discretionary income. What you do with these two assets will add to all other areas of your life. Why leave it to chance? Working with me ensures you have someone committed to you; someone who is looking out for you and is deeply invested in your happiness every step of the way. Should you run into any travel issues, weather delays, or lost luggage, rest easy knowing I’m working behind the scenes, advocating on your behalf to find solutions as quickly as possible.



My travel experience allows me to share what I have learned...mistakes and all,,so you can have the best experience possible.  The places I have been include: Many major cities and states in the US, Disney World, Universal Studios,Hersey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Bush Gardens, Cruises (Carnival & Rhine River Cruises), Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Petrified Forest, Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole, Carlsbad Caverns, Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Black Hills,
Europe: Azores, Germany, Belgium, Holland

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